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THE SKA FLAMES WERE THE FIRST, one OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL AND POPULAR j SKA BANDS and have recently celebrated their 30th anniversary. their first album ‘ska fever’ set the benchmark for the huge scene to follow . In turn they played sets with and brought to japan some of the world’s top reggae artists including prince buster, the skatalites and have recorded with laurel Aitken, lester sterling and roland alphonso.
Their latest album ‘turn up’ was a return to top form featuring high energy cuts with a genuine first wave ska feel and production AND HAS KEPT THE LEGENDARY SKA FLAMES ON THE ROAD IN JAPAN FOR THE PAST YEARS WITH THEIR ORIGINAL LINEUP! They have performed numerous times on the main stage at Fuji rock and their 14 piece live stage act is legendary in asia and internationally. We are delighted to bring these enigmatic instigators to hong kong for their first full size set in the city!

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